Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Second Sunday of Advent: the Christmas Tree

For the first time, we have our own Christmas tree! And if the one my family has been having has been always in plastic, this is even a real one. Not only: we went and chop it ourselves (or better, Mattias did, while I was taking care of a whiny Isabella, hating the cold and the snow) at Holmeja Sågverk.
Chopping the tree

Considering the weather conditions, the tree was completely full of snow when we brought it home. We had luckily some old shelf in the basement where we let it get dry before bringing it up and starting the decoration.
Just on Saturday, we had been to Vellingeblomman where we forestalled all the decorations we had in mind.
While Isabella was sleeping, since the tree was dried, we decided to start the work and tell her the morning after that Santa Claus had fixed the Christmas tree for us.
Just some decorations were left out so that she could help as well, and we finally managed to complete the work together today.

The Christmas Tree
Adding lights and few balls

Let's continue...


The complete tree (even with presents)
By night
Hazed pic

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