Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nativity Scene

Clearly, this year we are putting a lot of efforts on the Christmas preparations. Afterall, this is the first Christmas we are spending in our own home and we want to make it very special!
Some things need to come from the Italian tradition. It can't just be a "Swedish" Christmas!

Something that I have been missing for many years (here, that is) is a Nativity Scene. Also because it has been very hard to find it. Shops sell all sort of Christmas decorations, but nothing that resembles any mystical aspect of Christmas. It is not surprising considering that here it is almost more important to celebrate watching a specific cartoon of Donald Duck on Christmas Eve, although one should of course remember that the root of this festivity is pagan.

Enough with blabbing!
Today we went to Vellinge Blomman and walk on the Tomtestigen covering the 5000m2 of whatever one wants to wish for Christmas, including...a Nativity Scene! First, one with standard dimensions and 3 real donkeys and a sheep (where did the cow go?) and then the leftovers of a nice collections of items for making your own Nativity Scene.

Lambs and kings
Warming up some food
Maria and Joseph waiting for baby Jesus

The nativity scene
Will this survive Godzilla?

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