Friday, December 7, 2012

Osteria Qui

We have finally had the opportunity to go out for dinner yesterday. The occasion was to celebrate my mother's birthday and we decided to explore a new restaurant that have quite good reviews.
Unfortunately, due to the fact that I was mostly busy eating and taking care of Isabella at the same time, I didn't manage to take pictures of some of the dishes.

The restaurant, located near a fancy residential area in Malmö, is called Osteria Qui.
The place is quite cosy, although the environment is modern, but it surely is not exactly looking like a traditional Osteria.
The food served though is quite simple, the menu gives me really the sensation of an Osteria menu.

Me and Mattias decided to go for the Christmas menu, which included a marinated anchovies, tortellini in broth or spaghetti with parsley, garlic and anchovies for primo, lamb racks or cod for secondo. And on top of that, there was a ricotta pudding.
My mother took instead penne all'arrabbiata and a caprese salad.

In general the food was actually quite tasty and quite genuine. My broth was very very tasty and both the two secondo were worthy waiting.
However, the penne of my mother dish were most likely pre-cooked, which was a pity because the tomato sauce, although enriched with a bit too much garlic, was very good.
The main issue we encountered with the food was that the portions were too small for our appetite. Especially my tortellini dish. It is not that we went out starving, but we took a complete menu and we were still hungry when we went home.
I didn't appreciate fully the dessert, a bit too much touched by some liquor, while Mattias, as a good Swede, enjoyed it.

In general, it was a quite ok evening (if we exclude Isabella getting a bit too tired and exploring my bag and the fact that my diners were a bit too quiet), but for us, it took about 2 hours and something to get through the food and between each dish we waited too long time. That was also having a bad effect on Isabella's patience, of course.
But we were also very unfortunate with the ventilation. Something went wrong and at a certain point the whole restaurant was filled with a thick "grilling" smoke. The only way to solve the problem was to let us freeze a bit, opening the main door. That didn't help our "parfume" on our way home: we all smelled like grilled meat.

So, a positive experience considering that the restaurant have been opened for three months, but the price/portion ration can be improved and they surely need to speed up the service and fix the ventilation!

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