Friday, December 21, 2012

JapanPhoto on the pyre!

It is soon Christmas and, of course, now that we are parents too, we feel the pressure to produce fancy Christmas cards to send to relative and friends, calendars, photobooks, mugs, keyrings...
Last year, I experimented using Cewe Photobook to produce a photobook and a calendar. Everything went very fine and I was very satisfied of the result.
So, this year, I thought of using the same software and service, via JapanPhoto, a relevant swedish chain for photo products.

Well. If you were expecting a cute card of Isabella this year, you will not receive it thanks to them!
After spending an evening working on cards layout and not, we sent out the order. It was the 4th of December.
Yesterday, after 2 weeks of silence, I decided to start to contact support. When I was logging in on the homepage, I could not find the orders made.
The support answered few hours after my first message, providing the order numbers and stating that there had been a problem issuing the products I have been ordering.
Of course, I didn't get notified of this and I asked her why, which problems had been encountered and when I could get the stuff I wanted.
The woman kindly replied for the second time, repeating that if I wanted I could get credited (of what? I hadn't paid yet) and that, due to the holidays, I'd see everything in the beginning of January.
I decided to contact the online support and after providing the order numbers, they could tell me that ONE of the things I had been ordered where in the shop, while the others.. puff! No trace of them.
I ask what I could do, since I was getting penalized by this (thing that I asked also to the email support, which kindly stop replying to me) and they told me that I could not get any benefit from them, except a discount based on the price that I was going to get when I made my order, and that I could print the Christmas cards directly at the shop, after redesigning them.
I tried to call the shop, even, but they gave me a number (the number pointed out to the same support person that had answered me via chat) and said again, that I could print my cards (and hope that Santa will have a magic wand to send them allover the globe in 1 day, sure!) at the shop.

Me and Mattias agreed that at this point it was pointless to print the Christmas cards (sadly, since the one we made was very cute!) and today, I went to pick up what else I had ordered promising myself I'd report the feedback of such experience.
When I explained what happened to the shop assistant she just barely apologize and said "Well, at least, you have this item now". Well, thank you very much!

If this is the way you threat customers, considering that of course we will disappoint some people that maybe were expecting the card and ourselves, we will never never never buy anything from you!
And I hope that, whoever will read this experience will remember that they will never get anything to compensate the frustration of a missing order.
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