Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bikini Time

Unfortunately, we had to pack all in hurry. We worked on the house until the night before and the morning of our departure we were very stressed and having a clear lack of time. Just to help out, all our things are not in any "usual place" and having everything spread everywhere made us even more confused. Especially me, matrix-based. So, so far I have discovered that I left home a couple of items: the memory card for the camera (or at least, I hope it is home...), the charger for my incredibly old phone (no comment on this) and finally, two of my bikini. I don't have many of those, since our "seaside time" is very little every year, but having available just one is too much also for me. So, I went and bought one with the sales (but was it really on sale? I never understood that) at Tezenis.

I wonder, should I buy a new charger and a new memory card for my forgetful packing operation?

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