Monday, August 6, 2012

Attack No. 1, by Chikako Urano

Atakku Nanbāwan: 7Atakku Nanbāwan: 7 by Chikako Urano
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I manage to read the 7 volumes of this wonderful manga all at once.
I could not stop reading it, although I knew more and less what was going to happen and I was not surprised to find that the volleyball japanese team was quite strong :-)
But if one loves volleyball, this is just lighting up the passion even more; if instead one is not that interested, this could generate some curiosity.
Kozue is not a very classical character, although quite unlucky in love, she is very determined and focused and has the tendency to heat up quite easily.
She has a strong devotion for volleyball and she grows as the story goes, turning enemies in friends and learning more about herself.
What I love most of the manga is that it gives me the positive feeling to devote myself to my work or what I am supposed to do, with the same attitude as the characters of the manga. Maybe there is too much harshness in the story, considering how things are today, but I don't mind the respect for the authority and the capabilities that everyone has to accept fate and give always the best.
The only minor sides are that sometimes certain passages are drawn too quickly, although they are crucial too the story and to the character development.
I hope I will soon have the time to watch the animated version, I can resist without thinking that it has been too many years (maybe 20?) since I have seen an episode!

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