Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to use a cute font when blogging

I have been using some unusual and fairly complex system to display cute fonts for headers and such in my blog. However, I had problems of transparency with Chrome on Ubuntu (see this post) since what was generated was basically images with some strange setting and, I had recently noted that the hosting of the font, on was not working any longer and I didn't think that was a stable solution for what I had in mind.

Taking inspiration from other blogs (e.g. my friend Chiara's one), I had decided to find a simpler way to make the blog cuter, without too much fuzz.

After some quick Google search I found this wonderful page and decided to use some of Google Fonts. I think I have been playing too little with the web in the latest years to not know that Google has a font API as well as realizing that the modifications to the blog layout were not just HTML settings and some weird language, but the so call CSS language, which I am now somewhat learning by playing around with the blog. Nothing fancy or complicated, but just made me realize I have been out of the "business" too long :)

Now, I will play around more with some fonts and hope I will have a nice result!


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