Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rain, wind and golf

Last months that we have been playing golf, it has been quite hard. Not only my scarce skills need much more intense training than this sporadic attempts to hit a ball, but the weather conditions have not been that friendly either.
Or helping newbies.

If we exclude last time, where the weather was ok, but it was like digging in a swamp, September and especially October have been quite cold, but especially extremely windy.
Playing in these circumstances has just been too annoying, but also too cold.

Instead of using some Mattias' old jacket, I thought it was time to look into buying something.
We went to some sport shops nearby, but we could not find anything that had a decent price and the features I was looking for: windproof, waterproof, nice cut and a bit warm inside and of course, not too expensive.

My last hope was the Esprit website. When going to the shops I can't really find anything inspiring, but the website has all the collection of this planet and I really wanted to try to buy something from there, since it has the possibility to return whatever item for free to them.

Must say, I was not wrong!
There is a quite decent collection of jackets available on the web, with different "features" and there was one that was absolutely what I was searching (actually there were two, but the second was over already in the right size!)
I decided to risk, and hence I ordered it. It took about one week to arrive, but for 5 euro of transport I was more than happy.
It is windproof, waterproof and it is warmish inside. It is quite tight to the body, so since it is not that warm, when it is quite cold I put an extra jacket on top (Mattias' old one) if we need to play golf and it works like a charm!

I am really happy of this purchase, and exploring the webshop for other items seems quite tempting after this positive experience!

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