Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A tiger becomes 3!

Few days ago was Oscar's birthday. Of course, although completely unconsciously (and differently from Isabella, who at three had already very clear ideas about her birthday party and what she wanted) we organized a "little" birthday party.
About 12 kids, in a mixture between kids his age and all the older brothers/sisters that are at Isabella's age, came with their parents and celebrated Oscar, who for the occasion turned into a tiger!
Oscar is turning 3!

As for her birthday, Isabella had clear ideas of how Oscar's should be and since he didn't care...
There is place for princesses and pirates

We tendentially didn't do anything complex, but it was decided that the there were a mixture of pirates and princesses.
The plan was to welcome all the kids. Eat some snack. Play a little (the games were Italian classics "The witch commands color", "1, 2, 3, star" and the more international "Dance and stop"). Eat the cake and the Swedish classic "Pond of fishes" (Fiskdamm) that allows the kids to indulge themselves in a little package of candies.
Few pirates came to visit
As the day was sunny (for once!) it was a bit of a pity to not be out, but the thought of having everyone dressed in overalls, freeze outside and then come inside and undressed with such small kids was something that made me a bit skeptical to the idea.
It was tulip's day!
We did a lot of simplifications about food, so we were pretty lazy and there was no baking involved from our side. Cakes were purchased, fruit was easily put in a bowl and we just did have some small snacks (salatini) and small sandwiches. A trick that I have recently learned is to cut everything in small pieces, so the chance that the kids will eat the food is higher and that the food gets thrown in a garbage smaller.
It seemed the theory worked fine...
Some simple sandwich with ham and cheese

The food was mainly carrots, fruit and the sandwiches. Are we getting lazy?
It seems the kids enjoyed (although of course the 3 years old have not a full grasp of the party concept) and "1,2,3 star" was as always the favorite game.
Oscar enjoyed the presents he got (and Isabella too) and we managed to reinstated the house to its original shape, despite the little tornados ;-)
Oscar thanks everyone of his friends and parents who could be here with us with a big "ROARRRRR"!
(I still don't understand why there was a tiger with the pirates around but maybe he will enjoy Sandokan soon?)

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