Saturday, February 20, 2016

Kids beauty products

No, I am not paid to promote certain products over others, but this one I like a lot and hence, I will highlight it here.
I have tried to find some good products for kids, that are mercyfull to their skin, easy to apply (depending if it is a lotion or what) and good for the environment.
When I find something that doesn't contain too many bad chemicals and it is promising for all the other characteristics I am looking for, I usually do not mind the price.

For the kids (and lately also for us, the "adults"), I usually buy Weleda , but I am also very pleased with this below.
Body & Hair wash and Body Lotion
Sophie La Giraffe which is better known for the popular toy (which was also symbol for the babies-mothers group I was belonging with Isabella) is proposing a line of organic certified skin products for kids.
They have a nice smell and they are in general good products (for example, the hair & body wash is very very mild and my kids' skin can tolerate it easily) and they are also gentle to the environment.
We did try also the bubble bath and compared to others that we bought (still organic certified and so on), it was much fluffier and long lasting (and milder) than others.

So, go and buy it, especially if you belong to the "Apriline" group (I can dispatch it from Sweden ;-))
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