Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer projects: a garden playhouse

Yes, it was summer and we thought of resting. The thought disappear very fast when, when being in Kalmar, we saw the playhouse in Mattias' parents garden and Isabella. We had a summer project to accomplish! The restoration of the 30 years old small house!

It looked like there was no hope
The playhouse structure was simple, but very cute. A very heavy roof has made the roof support a bit too fragile and the lack of maintainance had made few boards rotten on the little entrance. Otherwise, we thought it would be enough to refresh it a bit.

Interior with small piece of leftover 80s posters

Somebody wrote a note on the masonite 
The yellow interior was definitely not inspiring and although the outside pink was not too bad, we thought that "falu red" would fit better with the rest of the buildings of Wallergården and would make it having a more traditional Swedish look.

A first layer of paint
Unfortunately, we were time optimist and we were hoping we would manage to at least complete the painting task before leaving Kalmar. We didn't count on having to deal with an Isabella that wanted to help by provoking us and painting herself instead of the walls. Luckily, we had the great help of farmor and her experience on the subject.
We were sad to have to drop the project on Mattias' parents, but the result was in this way better than if we - amateurs - would have tried to complete everything by ourselves.
The floor of the little verand is not yet painted, but everything else yes!
Farmor had some fun shopping second hand toys and decorate the little room. It became a very cosy place which Isabella adored (we a bit less, forced to sit on the small chairs getting served some coffee and tea).

A prepared dining table, with a beautiful textile hanging on the new peach colored walls
A very modern kitchen
What is also missing now is fixing the roof - those tiles are just not the right ones to have on such light building - and the floor. Maybe a nice piece of parquet would suit? :)
In any case, Isabella loved it and I hope she (with Oscar in few years) will have a lot of fun playing there when we go and visit her grandparents!
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