Tuesday, August 26, 2014


When we got the invitation from my current company (KnowIt), we had no idea what Bakken was.
We were also quite in doubt to attend such family event. An amusement park with a small baby and a three year old? We had no idea how much we would have managed to enjoy or do!

But things turned out better than expected!
Isabella enjoyed it very much, although she got stuck on an attraction. The mood was already boosted by the fact that we went by bus. Mattias got star strucked noticing that on the other bus there was some famous swedish bass player (the one that guesses who win 1 kg of apples!).
There were some minor accidents: it started to pour rain in a couple of occasions, all the times we were eating something; Isabella got berserk when her current fav ice cream was over and Mattias had go to and find it in another place; another child passed next to us with a fairly huge balloon with princesses that we had to go and buy for Isabella and that cost like a real castle.
We also managed to make everything work with the logistic bringing food from home and Oscar showed to be decently flexible with his meals/sleep, although, poor him, this must have been a deadly boring day.

Bakken seems to be a very old amusement park, according to the sources, probably the oldest in the whole world. What struck us was that there were tons of places where to eat, of all kind! Differently from usual though, we decided to bring food for us and that was possibly a bright choice since everything, from our "Swedish Crown" perspective seemed utterly expensive.

We started by going on the Swan, using muscles I haven't used in a couple of years. Looking at the ones that were getting wet on Water Slide was very tempting, but since we had already got plenty of water with the rain we have postponed such an emotion to another time.
Swan and Water Slide
 At the beginning Isabella was not interested even in trying to go on the Swan, but we convinced her and as a teaser that was perfect.

The next emotion turned out to be the Samba Tower which though Isabella digested without too big problems.
Samba Tower
 Her absolute favorite became though the Ladybug ride, a small rollercoaster on which we went 500 times. After a couple of times she didn't even want to be held any longer!
On the car, the day after, she said that when Oscar will grow up they will go together on the Ladybugs :-)

Another success was the Radio cars (Dodgem), which was also quite brutal. During an occasion, Mattias gently inserted his pointed elbow in Isabella's forehead, creating a dramatic "tragedy-crying" event, which however turned out smoothly the moment that Isabella realized that her father wanted to bring her away from the car.
Crashing with the others
 We tried also other attractions, but we avoided many others since Isabella couldn't go (for example she wanted to go on the Kangaroo but she was 5cm too short) we skipped them. Others would have been just too much for us indipendently of the kids.

Airplanes on the horizon
 In many occasions, though, we were surprised that Isabella didn't want to try because she considered them too scary. We didn't want to push her, so although we could have technically jumped on many more strange things, we were saved. Afterall, we are not that brave either...

The crocodiles were too scary
Anyway, after the last ride on the Ladybug, we went back on our bus and Isabella was just showing off her balloon, which occupied almost all her sit and which is now in her room towering over her bed at night. Shouldn't THAT be scary!?

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