Monday, June 2, 2014

Skåne Matfestivalen - The Skåne Food Festival

Last Sunday we decided to go to Brösarp for the food festival. From the program, it looked quite interesting and for certain aspects, it was.
This was a very little event compared to Copenaghen Cooking, which we visited few years ago and I think, a bit inspired by that: on a big tent there was the possibility to sample food from some special restaurants in a very small format. But in Copenaghen Cooking the choice was huge and there was a little competition between the different participants. Here there were just 6 possibilities and although it was Sunday at 15 (and the festival was supposed to end at 17) 2 places did go home because they had finished the food. So, we had to take the same food twice from two places.

Backside overview of the festival
 We started by eating at the restaurant there. Food was served by Brösarpsgästgivare and considering that we were in a tent with surely not a real kitchen, the food was great! It was clear that they were trying to impress with the adjectives that are now very trendy in the food business: locally produced and genuine. And possibly also organic!
There were many stands focusing on organic and food sustainability. If we would not have two kids, both annoyed by the heat and the sun, probably we would have investigated such hot topic in a better way.
Instead, we were trying to catch on of the kids' attention with some more friendly approach. There were cows and chickens. It was interesting to see which is the difference in space for the hens by looking at the type of eggs...
Cow and veal

Hens and the space for them
 I almost attended a little lecture about pork meat, but I ended up running away for something that was the funniest thing Isabella experienced that day: the train tractor!
Everything you need to know about pork meat...
 The train tractor brought us to an "apple safari", because yes, we have never seen an apple tree before ;-) Despite that, it was anyway quite interesting. We went around the Källargården apple cultivation, which offered also the view of about 40 lambs/sheeps. The place is famous because it has been the setting for the Brothers Lionheart movie (Astrid Lindgren's Bröderna Lejonhjärta) in the cherry valley (Körsbärsdalen).
The tractor train

The best part for us was the apple stand (yes, always apples...). The tent was having all sort of apple juice producer of the region (among which Sövde Musteri, with possibly some of our apple juice) and they offered the possibility to taste them all. That was great! It was very interesting to feel the difference between juices and juices.

At the end, when it became a bit cooler and Isabella was finally warmed up, we went around some food stands and bought some small products but the place was closing down quickly and it was not possible to taste that much interesting food. I felt that there was too much pressure for selling rather than letting a visitor explore food - or have some different food experience. 
Alltogether, it was a nice day, but I feel that these kind of events need to be more accessible and friendly so that one shouldn't rob a bank for visiting!

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