Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oscar's arrival

As his sister, also Oscar knows what a plan is, despite some little variation.
Door wreath done by me, my mother and Mattias
This is the time where we try to adjust to this change. This is definitely hitting all of us (well, maybe not Pico or Romeo with the same extension as Isabella's arrival did) and it is taking more energy than with Isabella. Maybe we are just getting old :-)

And as symbolf of our son, here is what I got from my sweet husband, who has been very supportive in order to make this delivery much better than the first one:
Efva Attling jewelry

If you are interested in doing this alternative door wreath, look below! In Italy it is common to do something called "Birth ribbon". People bring it even at the hospital and one can put it outside the door. But I didn't think a conventional one, usually embroided with the baby's name, would have survived Skåne's climate, so I thought of doing something more "Swedish" for the style.
A wreath, some paper roses, an zinc heart and few ribbons

The main decoration: light blue roses
Details of a ribbon: little baby boy decorations. Unfortunately, not a good picture
We started by rolling the light blue ribbon around the wreath
Then we added also the baby boy one

We tied the heart to the blue ribbon and we glued with the glue gun the blue roses. Small roses have been hooked allover the wreath.

Here it is!

The final result!

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