Sunday, November 17, 2013


In our garden there are many birds flying around. Some are cuter than others. We definitely do not appreciate the pigeons (they leave "memories" everywhere and they often collide with the windows o.O), but the Great Tit (Parus Major!!!!!) is very beautiful to see, especially when the small birds take the first "flying steps" out of their nest in the oldest apple tree we have.

Hoping that the cats will let some birds be in peace, we have taken two birdhouses that we got as present and finally hang them somewhere "safe" (in our eyes and hopes).

A traditional birdhouse
The first birdhouse is handmade and made by Pico and Romeo "second parents", who take care of them when we are often away. It has a classical shape and it is very robust. In fact, it survived without problems the big storm that happened few weeks back.

Birdhouse from Åhlens
A more detailed picture
This is more of an experiment since it looks more decorative than real one, however, it has the cleaning door and other details that makes one think it is actually to be used.
We have put it in a very protected place, under the roof of the tool shed and we are crossing our finger, it will survive and some smaller bird will like it.

According to different sources, it seems that the best time of the year to put them on is autumn/november, so that they can get a nice "patina" and get properly aired out.
Let's see if during the spring we will get some tenants!
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