Friday, April 12, 2013

Poe no Ichizoku, by Moto Hagio

Poe no Ichizoku 3Poe no Ichizoku 3 by Moto Hagio
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When I started reading this manga, I was very confused. The story didn't seem to make too much sense except it was a story about vampires.
However, the more I read the more I got entangled in the story and the fact that it is narrated without respecting the chronological order of the facts gives another dimension to it (although, sometimes, it gets a bit hard to understand all the references and to remember all the characters).
Some of the stories are a bit cryptic and made me a bit puzzled because I didn't understand the role of it, althoug it is an obvious step in the more general story, which is unvealed mostly in the last two chapters.
The beauty of the drawings and the way the vampires are depicted are the key components of this manga, which is a precursor to so many vampire stories, and the fact that this is written by a Japanese makes it even more impressive.
I also enjoyed the historical references that are spread there and then and that helps the reader feeling the difference between a human and the immortal vampire.
In the Italian edition there were also some small paragraphs written by different people and, some of them, gave the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the story.
I can easily recommend to read this manga, especially if one is fascinated by vampires, but it is not a prerequisite for enjoying it.

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