Monday, April 23, 2012

Copenaghen Tivoli

It is quite incredible that in 10 years that I have been living here, we have never gone to the Tivoli in Copenaghen, considering that it is one of the "major attractions" of the town.
Actually, I remember trying to squeeze ourselves in during Christmas time, many years ago. The queue was so long that we resigned and decided to walk around, instead. In another occasion, we were all ready to go in, however it was closed for the season... This time, we checked that it was opened and being a Friday, we were sure there would have not been any queue.
Unfortunately, though, we got all possible rain and once back home we noticed that no rain had touched Lund ground. Always lucky, uh?

Nevertheless, we had a good afternoon. The only attractions we enjoyed had been the culinary ones and the acquarium.
The first impact constituted by an italian pizza (very nice indeed)alla Vecchia Signora. Here we had the luck to observe and study young vikings attempting to explore foreign food (spaghetti dying to have some tomato sauce on top) with their hands in a very elegant manner (lovely).

Isabella was not very convinced in letting us go up in the Demon, even though Mattias' chinese sweet tooth was ringing a bell (and we all know how much Mattias love all these reckless attractions). She was almost pushing us to try Vertigo, though, but we decided that we preferred to keep her company looking at the people climbing up on the Golden Tower. We decided to take just a stroll around, leaving the arabic thematic area behind us, when we met a couple of ducks, who wanted to show us a bit of the lake around.
They guided us towards Petzi's world (leaving the Pirate ship on the horizon), where we entertained Isabella and other kids playing enormous instruments, like a gigantic xylophone.
Pity that it started to pour rain just then and we walked then very fast reaching Woodhouse. That was a very tempting place, with nice pastries and nice menus (Isa preferred to eat those). A little shop, within the building, was selling something very delicious...dipped in chocolate and whatever else. Pity (again!!!) we stuffed ourselves with the cakes and never reached that part...

At that point, we decided to actually do something and we saw that there was an acquarium. We went there and Isabella was fascinated by the enormous fish that could be seen, like the rajiformes and was calling them all "uaua" (cat). Here we managed to assist (almost) to some octopus show (it was trying to open some jar). While waiting for mr octopus to get its food, we noticed that the clock was ticking and we had to run home. Maybe next time there will be no rain and we will actually try something more advance like the classic carousell?
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