Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where to make a baby eat (or at least try to)...

Being Isabella around 6 months, we thought it was big time to buy her an high chair where she could sit and eat. Or at least, thinking of eating at least, since that is not the easiest step ever...(and different astral conjunctions haven't helped us at all, so far).

Here in Sweden, THE high chair is the Tripp Trapp - Stokke, which had almost seduced us as well. However, we resisted such expensive temptation, since we thought (clearly) that it was quite expensive (did I say already that it was expensive?) and it didn't have one of the most important features (in our little world): the brick. Yeah. We know that for a *little* sum you can get a plastic fancy tray to put on your table. But our table is too fancy for such a fancy item and we decided to save that little sum of money (not so little, if you think that that is just a piece of plastic).

We almost fell for Italian design. But we betrayed my motherland for the simple reason that the whole chair was a big, clumsy, piece of extremely-washable plastic. Probably practical, it could be also folded so it would take relatively less space. However, each of those chairs looked enormous and I was seeing already my agile husband tripping two hundred times on the extended legs.
Chicco, and its Polly 2 in 1 (Mattias had hard time to understand what was the 2 in 1 applied concept) was one of the possible candidates. However, it didn't convince me at all (and yes, it was me taking control over the operation).

Then. I decided to at least search for the high chair that my sister-in-law purchased. She said "it is like the Stokke, but with the brick". Thank God, despite being a mother and breastfeeding, I still have some glimmer of a working memory. The brand was Svan and incredibly enough, it is Swedish.
We look at the main chair, but I saw again Mattias stumbling around or me, lifting the chair up and moving it with the grace of an elephant, in order to make Isabella see her mother in her obsessive-compulsive cleaning mode.
However, exploring the website, we found the perfect chair for us: High Chair Colorline Anka, that is duck-shaped. Or at least, resembling a duck.

Having wonderful experiences of purchasing "blindly" from the internet, we really wanted to see real-life this chair. Unfortunately, it was not possible.
After some extra thinking (a couple of seconds), I decided that it was worthy a try. The chair was relatively cheap, the shipping cost included in the price, it was in wood as we wanted, washable as the obsessive-cleaning-freak behavior required and with the holy brick.

What can I say? The chair arrived, the package was lighter than I thought, once opened there was very little to mount (a strange Swedish product, if I may say so...) and it is very very compact. Isabella seems liking it very much and, even though it is not as fancy as the (in our opinion) overrated Tripp Trapp (yeah, it is overrated also when bought through Blocket and repainted!), it suits all our extremely peculiar wishes.
I am actually astonished that Swedish people are not up to a Swedish product and do prefer a Norwegian one?! What happened to the world???? :)

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  1. Carino il trono di Isabella!da queste parti ne abbiamo ereditato uno dalle cugine che, come molti suoi rivali, è in plastica..e lei per adesso non so quanto lo gradisca (a volte pare di no).

  2. Sono sicura che prima o poi gradira'! io ogni tanto ce la lascio a giocare o a scoprire la forza di gravita'!

  3. Hello! I just came across you review and hope you may be able to advise. Did you find the lack of safety belts a problem? I worry that my 8 months old baby girl could crawled out of that chair..How's your impression and experience with using the chair?

  4. Hi, We are using the chair named Anka by Svan. The pillow has integrated safety belt. Which one are you using?
    We have been using the high chair for our daughter, who is now soon 4, and our boy (who is instead 1) and with the belts I have no fear that he will jump out from the chair. Other than that, I still find the chair very practical, easy to clean, and can be used for a long time!

  5. Hi Arianna, by now I've only seen a photo of Caroline Anka Chair (so the same chair as your one) and haven't used it yet. But it's a good news that the pillow has integrated safety belts as it doesn't show on the picture. It's also grat that it's easy to clean :) Thanks a lot for your reply and all the best to you and your kids! :) Iwona

  6. I am glad that you found my words useful, good luck with your child :-)


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